Top 10 Largest Technology Companies in the World

CachHayNhat - The technology industry is one of the highest paying industries in the world. It combines many fields, all often based on the use of Information Technology (IT). Many aspects of our daily lives are supported by modern innovations made by these IT and technology companies, such as the way we communicate with others.

In fact, the biggest tech companies often have several revenue streams from different sectors and branches in the IT industry as a whole. The biggest tech companies earn billions of dollars annually through these various revenue streams, including the sale of their consumer products and online services.

Top 10 Largest Technology Companies in the World
Top 10 Largest Technology Companies in the World

The following list ranks the largest technology companies in the world today based on each company's latest revenue numbers.

The 10 largest technology companies in the world:

The 10 largest technology companies in the world:

1. Apple

Revenue: $261.2 billion

1. Apple Doanh thu: 261,2 tỷ USD

Established: 1976

Headquarters: Cupertino, California, USA

Main technology products/services: Household electronics, Software, Online services

Apple products are among the most recognizable globally. Sales from iPhones, MacBooks and other devices are the tech giant's biggest source of revenue, but online services like the App Store and iTunes Store are also very profitable. IT companies also constantly participate in new technology industries and fields, always aiming for the high-end segment of each market.

Apple is not only among the biggest tech companies, the Apple brand is also among the most valuable in the world. As a result, Apple is constantly making headlines on the stock market. And outside of the stock market, the company is a mainstay in share CFD trading along with other tech giants like Alphabet, Inc. and Microsoft. This market allows even more investors to trade on Apple's success as it continues to outperform its competitors and reports consistently strong growth. All of this adds up to multiple strong revenue streams for the California-based IT company.


2. Samsung

Revenue: 221.6 billion USD

2. Samsung Doanh thu: 221,6 tỷ USD

Established: 1938

Headquarters: Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, Korea

Main technology products/services: Consumer electronics, Medical technology

Samsung we are Apple's biggest competitor in the field of consumer electronics. The South Korean tech company actually has an even broader portfolio in the consumer electronics market than Apple. However, Samsung is a leading manufacturer of TVs, hard drives, cameras, and more. Like Apple, smartphone sales are still Samsung's biggest source of revenue. Outside of the consumer electronics market, Samsung has also managed to establish itself as a leader in the medical technology market.


3. Foxconn

Revenue: 178.1 billion USD

3. Foxconn Doanh thu: 178,1 tỷ USD

Established: 1974

Head office: New Taipei City, Taiwan

Main technology products/services: Household electronics (manufacturing services)

Foxconn may not have a well-known brand name like tech companies like Apple or Samsung, but the Taiwanese company is actually the largest supplier of electronic equipment manufacturing services in the world. Famous products such as iPhone, Kindle or PlayStation are manufactured by Foxconn factories. In fact, most of the tech and IT companies in this ranking are Foxconn customers. So while the company may not be making its own products, as long as companies like Apple and Sony are selling their products, Foxconn's business should be stable as well.


4. Alphabet

Revenue: 161.9 billion USD

4. Alphabet Doanh thu: 161,9 tỷ USD

Founded: 2015 (via Google restructuring)

Headquarters: Mountain View, California, USA

Main technology products/services: Internet search engine, Software, Cloud computing, Consumer electronics, Online services

Most people know Alphabet, Inc. formerly known as Google, Inc.. In 2015, Google Co-Founder Larry Page announced that the IT company would restructure as Alphabet Inc., a multinational technology corporation with other businesses with original search engine. and other internet related services. Today, Alphabet Inc. is part of a $1 trillion club of companies with a trillion-dollar market value. Alphabet Inc. is one of the most sought after stocks by investors, as the IT giant and tech giant continues to develop innovative technology in its various branches.


5. Microsoft

Revenue: 143.0 billion USD

5. Microsoft Doanh thu: 143,0 tỷ USD

Established: 1975

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington, USA