58 words Happy Birthday to the most funny wife

Birthdays only come once a year and it's a day for everyone to feel special. This is even more special with your beloved half. If your wife's birthday is coming up, the following funny and lovely birthday wishes will be a tool for you to express your love and mark the wonderful moments in her life.

58 words Happy Birthday to the most funny wife

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Funny happy birthday wishes for wife

1. New age eat full and grow up quickly, money is full of house, chickens are full of coop.

2. I wish you were the hot sun on a tropical depression day, let me dry clothes….

3. Wish you were a stream in hot sunny days, let me ... wash my feet to cool.

4. In general, you are something indispensable in this life, although simple but very important.

5. Happy birthday to my queen. If you collect all your monthly salary, you can buy gifts yourself.

6. Happy Birthday to you, dear wife! Wish you always healthy and a solid support for my father and son!

7. Wishing him a new year of becoming more and more talented, money is always full, his belly is getting more and more abs and his lover is higher than the mountain

8. Dear wife, today is my wife's birthday. Let me help you with the housework, thank you for everything. Hep less, my wife!

9. Dear wife! The new age has come, I wish you will be more and more young, but your temperament must also be cooler. Hihi.

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10. Happy birthday to your housewife. I wish you always young and beautiful. I wish you all the best!

11. Happy birthday to you, my lovely little wife. You are my whole world. I love you like I love every breath of my life.

12. Wish your wife always "fresh, cool personality, always happy and life is always smooth"! Happy Birthday!

13. New age wish you more health and happiness with your little family. Happy birthday my wife!

14. Wish you always "happy, young, healthy, cool personality, smooth life" and always "smiling, loving life, full of vitality"

15. Happy birthday to one of the most beautiful, beautiful, and charming citizens on this earth. Happy new year wife.

16. Happy birthday dear wife! Wishing you a new age with "aggressive" beauty sublimating, money rushing to advance and "jubilant" love exploding!

17. My life is flat chest! So you've added a new year, I wish your wife one more joy, one more happiness with flat chest! Always love flat breasts!

18. Today is my wife's birthday, I wish my beloved wife to be healthy, young and full of joy. Even if your wife is fat, I still love you.

19. Thank you for this day... last year my mother gave birth to me. If there wasn't that fateful day, he would still be without a wife now... Hihi. Happy birthday to my lovely wife!

20. Today is the birthday of the mother of a few children, I wish her a lot of fun and happiness. Especially, please stop scolding my father and son. But it's so ferocious.

21. Every birthday season, my wife is 1 year older. There are many wrinkles again, but I love it. I hope my wife is always happy and happy with my father and children.

22. My wife's birthday, I have nothing to give you. Well, let me give you a child so that I can raise them to be human. I wish you a happy and happy birthday.

23. Tinh… Tinh… you know that your wife only likes to hear this sound, right? Happy Birthday my wife! The wife is 1 year older, so the jump account is just symbolic. Hihi.

24. It's mine, listen to the kids say today is her birthday. Well, she comes home early from work, I make ready rice. Come back to eat. Wish her a happy and happy birthday.

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25. Mom, it's my birthday today. I wish you happiness and joy, please hold my hand and raise your children to adulthood. Happy birthday wife!!!

26. This year's wife's birthday, I have something. Although I want to pick stars in the sky, my husband still searches for it. Because of you, I can do everything just hope you are happy and happy.

27. Happy birthday to my "rooftop". Happy birthday roof top, 1 day collect money pile, 1 week collect money bag, 1 month collect money suitcase, whole year hug money and sleep...

28. On behalf of the President, the President of the National Assembly, the ministers, more than 9 million people in Vietnam and more than 8 billion people around the world, I wish my beautiful wife more and more beautiful and radiant.

29. His wife is like the weather, sometimes it's sunny and sometimes it rains erratically. Like I always love and love you with all my heart, forever. I wish you a happy and happy birthday. Happy birthday dear wife!!!

30. Rumor has it that today is my wife's birthday. But my father and son have nothing to give you, let's go to sleep so I can cook and clean for my wife today. Husband loves his wife very much, wish her a happy birthday.

31. This message is sent from a prepaid subscriber to a postpaid subscriber who still owes a fee. On the occasion of his wife's birthday, he solemnly asked his wife to transfer money to him so that he could buy gifts for his wife. Please end.

32. On my wife's birthday, I didn't even bother to tease you. Just a little bit of Oxytocin makes the wife love her husband more. Happy birthday to my beloved wife and husband and children.

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33. Today is my birthday! Wish you always maintain your fierce beauty, sublimated career and money in the air like water! Wishing you a jubilant and explosive new age dear! I'm proud of you!

34. That's her. Don't be mad at me anymore, I didn't mean to anger you. Love me and my children, please ignore and celebrate my birthday with my father and son. I wish you always happy and healthy.